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I'm Isaac.

I'm a country kid.

If you trace back my whakapapa (ancestry) for 200 years, you would most probably find part of me roaming the barley fields of Ireland, and another part of me catching kai moana (seafood) in the Akaroa Harbour in the South Island of New Zealand.


My great grandfather was Irish.


And my Great Grandmother was Maori (Ngai Tahu).

I grew up on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.


My childhood was spent doing all the fun things a country kid does.


I had great parents and six brothers and sisters, which later on turned into nine.


My father and mother were very musical and artistic.


Dad played guitar, wrote songs, painted, and did all types of art and craft work.

My mother is a gifted piano player.


I began my musical journey at the age of twelve and never looked back.

I met my future wife at the age of nineteen.


I've always been entrepreneurial, and  I've been in businesses since I was 22.


In my twenties I pursued my passion of filmmaking and completed a diploma in Digital Filmmaking.


Since then I've been pursuing filmmaking and music in various ways.



My ultimate goal is to produce and direct a planned feature film based in the USA with a budget of $4,000,000.


I’ve broken down my goal into 3 stages, and I’m part way there.


Stage 1 - Produce 20 quality songs/music videos.

Stage 2 - Produce and direct one short film and two planned feature films based in New Zealand.

Stage 3 - Produce and direct a planned feature film based in the USA.


For this journey I could do with a bit of help. Let me explain....


I write, arrange and produce all my songs. I write, produce, direct and edit all my videos. Up to this point I’ve been independent and self funded. As much as I can I want to stay that way.


But this is where you can help.


You can take one (or all!) of the actions below, to help me a little on my merry way!


-Subscribe to or follow one of my channels

-Like one of my videos

-Share my content

-Stream one of my songs

-Buy one of my songs

-Sign up to my newsletter

-Donate  HERE via Patreon


Some of these seem like small actions, but collectively they will make a big difference.


Then check up on me once in a while and see the progress I’m making. Day in day out I’ll be at it!


So that’s about me really.


Wish me luck!



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